About Us

What we do

Elite Cleaning Solutions was founded in 2004 by Glenn Russell and Billy Akdogan. With a combined history and experience of over 40 years in the hard floor care and janitorial supply industry, we have become the experts in our field, supplying and consulting to all the major retail contractors in the contract cleaning industry.

We have been specializing in the Pioneer Eclipse range of floor care since 1990. Our mission has been to satisfy our customer needs with the highest of quality products and services while being recognized as the industry leader in quality, innovation and above all customer satisfaction.

In today’s world of tight budgets and expected high standards in floor care and cleaning, building service contractors demand product systems and equipment that deliver long term results at the right price. At Elite we believe we have the right systems and products to accommodate and exceed current market expectations.

Our goal is to train our customers and their staff in how to evaluate performance and maintenance costs of product systems. Choosing value over cost is the key to finding the right product and equipment that will go the distance and deliver satisfaction to your business and in return to your customers.

With over 40 years in experience in the floor care and cleaning industry, at Elite we can provide:

  • Onsite training and troubleshooting when required.
  • Technical advice on floor care, chemical products, equipment and service.