Nilfisk Multi II 22
Vacuum Cleaners
A good companion for rough cleaning and DIY projects. The Multi II is a good companion to the Do it yourself person in any house. It is also a good second vacuum cleaner dedicated to dirt and debris inside as well as outside the house, car or the like. The Multi II - the second generation of Multipurpose vacuum cleaners - offer a filter cleaning indicator on all models. This is a warning telling you that the vacuum is loosing performance and it is about time to clean or replace the filter. The Multi II also offers a Push&Clean function to clean the filter. This function is a semi-automatic method of cleaning the filter by creating an airwave hitting the filter from inside out. The combination of filter cleaning indicator and Push&Clean function makes this machine a truly unique offer. Together these features ensures a consistent high cleaning performance.

Unit: 1 x vacuum
Brand: Nilfisk
Item Number: SV-NM22T