Gaomei GM70BT Auto 700mm Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
GM70, 700 mm, 24 volt, Walk Behind Scrubber, including batteries, charger, brushes and pad holders. Self propelled; greatly reduces cleaning workload. Double brushes, greatly enhancing efficiency and reducing cost. Significantly enhances the level of hygiene of venues. Visual buttons on the instrument panel for easy operation without special training. AMETEK motor has powerful suction with V-shape squeegee assembly; no stains or waste water left on floor tiles. Recover tank can be overturned at 90 degrees for access to battery maintenance without any tools. Squeegee blades can be use din four directions; no need to use any tools for replacement. Specially suited to areas between 2,000 - 3,000 sqm.

Unit: 1 x machine
Brand: Gaomei
Item Number: MGM70BT