Vira San (TGA approved to kill COVID-19)
VIRA SAN kills COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in 60 seconds, making it not only one of the fastest acting disinfectants, but one of the most cost-effective (up to 10x faster than competitors). TGA approved product for COVID-19 claim (ARTG NO. 340431). Vira San is safe to use on almost all hard surfaces including but not limited to; glass, plastic and stainless steel. Easy to use, simply spray, wait and wipe. Complete sanitisation within 1 minute. Has been tested and approved according to a variety of disinfection methods – tested against germs, bacteria and viruses. Certification available upon request. Formulated and developed in line with guidelines published by the World Health Organisation (2020). Can be used in conjunction with the iFogX5E Fogging Machine.

Unit: 1 unit
Brand: Other
Item Number: 1600-V05
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