Solution Glass, Mirror & Chrome Cleaner 20L
GLASS CLEANER, Quick Dry FORMULA for MIRROR, CHROME, LCD and SHINY SURFACES – (Not hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia) SOLUTION’s an anti-static formula and is a quick drying product. SOLUTION’s unique formula is designed to be used safely as spray & wipe to clean all surfaces. SOLUTION’s is an alcohol base product so it’s good for anti-static cleaning and also safe on computer monitors. SOLUTION cleans greasy soil, general dirt, grime and carbon based soil. SOLUTION is: AMMONIA FREE, SMEAR FREE, SILICON FREE, NO RESIDUE, NO STREAK, ANTI-FOG, SAFE ON TINTED GLASS, SAFE ON ALL SURFACES. HOW DOES IT WORK? HOW TO USE? SOLUTION is an Alcohol base product and because of this, it will not smudge, smear or leave any residue on the surface cleaned, it will simply clean and what’s left will evaporate. It will stop glass from fogging excellent for the automotive industry. WHERE TO USE ! Car Windows and Windscreens, Mirrors, Chrome & Stainless Steel, Glass, Office equipment, Computers, X-ray, Navigation and TV & Stereo plastics, Tabletops and Benches, Desks & chairs, Fixtures & Fittings, Aluminum window frames, Refrigerators & Microwaves, Automotive and Showcases. HOW TO USE ! Spray & wipe – Spray Solution over the surface to be cleaned. Use quality toweling or paper towel to wipe off dirt and excess product. For heavily soiled glass a second application may be required. Use fresh clean dry towel/paper towel to remove all excess product and to polish surface.

Unit: 1 x 20 Litre Drum
Brand: Enviro Chemical
Item Number: 1245-20
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