CP Solv - 1L
CP SOLV is a clear yellow thin liquid with characteristic orange / pine odour. This product has a fast acting, formula that makes it ideal for use by Professional cleaners, or the home handy man. When mixed with water it formes a flash white emulsion. When mixed with equal amounts of water and tested in accordance with AS3733 test method carpet, CP SOLV complies. * Multipurpose remover for Tar, Grease, Gum, Graffiti, Paint * Removes Printing ink from roller and blanket, rinse with water * Environmentally friendly * Safe on most common carpets (Pre test Fibre in inconspicuous area) * Laundry removes ink from clothes * Parts cleaner ENVIROMENTAL ASPECTS * PF- Biodegradable organic solvent * Water soluable * Phosphate free DIRECTIONS FOR USE Use undiluted for most applications Gum: add a small amount directly, use a clean cloth on your thumb and rotate on top of the gum, when the gum will be absorbed into the cloth rinse the spot with fresh water and blot dry Ink on carpets: spray lightly over the ink do not rub, blot the ink into a clean cloth, when ink is removed rise with fresh water. Glue on surfaces: apply a small amount of CP SOLV onto a cloth and wipe over, agitate lightly, wipe off with fresh water. Laundry: dab a small amount of CP SOLV onto the Ink stain leave for 5 minutes and put into the washing machine. Parts cleaning: mix 50/50 into a tank with water put parts into the tank and let sit for 10 minutes agitate with a brush and rinse with clean water Air blow dry.

Unit: 1 x 1 litre bottle
Brand: Other
Item Number: 1545-01
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