Gaomei GM110BT85 Ride-On 850mm Auto Floor Scrubber
GM110BT85, 850 mm, 24 volt, Ride-On Auto Floor Scrubber, including batteries, charger, brushes and pad holders. The GM110BT85 is a fast, efficient walk behind auto floor scrubber with a 3-stage vacuum motor, powerful suction and leaves no residue on the floor. It has a 18% climbing ability, easy to use operator controls, v-shape squeegee and is compact and versatile. This machine is sufficient for cleaning areas between 8,000-20,000sqm with efficiency and value. Clean with high tech enhances the hygienic level of cleaning areas. Mute design is especially suitable for noise sensitive areas such as hospitals. Easy operation without any special training. AMETEK three-stage vacuum motor with powerful suction leaves no residue even on supermarket tiles.

Unit: 1 unit
Brand: Gaomei
Item Number: M-GM110BT85