Equinox Top Coat - 20L
Floor Care
Pioneer Equinox - UHS floor coating is a high solids formula for ultra high speed applications. Equinox produces a coating so tough that it significantly reduces the frequency of re-coating and burnishing. Provides excellent gloss, scuff resistance and long lasting durability. RECOMMENDED FLOOR SURFACES - Vinyl composition tile ("VCT"), terrazzo, marble, concrete, quarry tile. Ideal for floors where maintenance occurs 4-7 days per week. DIRECTIONS FOR USE - INITIAL APPLICATION; 1. Remove old coating and sealer 2. Neutralize floor using a neutral cleaner or EnviroStar Green All Purpose Neutralizer. 3. Rinse floor again with clean, cold water and allow to dry. 4. Apply 4-6 coats of EQUINOX Floor Coating with a clean, synthetic mop. Note - Do not exceed an application of a combined 6 coats of coating and sealer. 5. Allow floor to dry thoroughly between coats and prior to burnishing. Note - To prevent contamination, do not poor unused product from bucket into original container. DIRECTIONS FOR USE - ROUTINE MAINTENANCE; 1. Sweep floor daily with a dust mop. 2. To clean floor, use mop or scrubber with neutral cleaner. 3. Restore shine as needed with floor maintainer. 4. Burnish as desired with ultra high speed machine and pad. 5. As needed, perform a deep scrub and re-coat applying an additional 1-2 coats of EQUINOX floor coating. 6. Allow floor to dry thoroughly between coats and prior to burnishing. 7. Strip floor when desired results canot be achieved with routine maintenance. COVERAGE - 61-74m2/L DRYING TIME - about 30 minutes.

Unit: 2 x 10l drums
Brand: Pioneer Eclipse
Item Number: CPE103
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