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Aquabalm Anti-Bacterial Pink Hand Soap 20L

HAND & BODY WASHING LIQUID (Not hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia) AQIS Approved IOA No: 9325 ACID FREE SOLVENT FREE ALKALINE FREE PHOSPHATE FREE MILD pH CREAMY LATHER BIODEGRADABLE GENTLE PERFUME ANTI-BACTERIAL AQUA BALM is a natural, soap free hand cleanser and body wash. AQUA BALM is a thick, gently perfumed, high foaming, phosphate free, fully biodegradable product to clean all type of hands and skin. AQUA BALM is design for public and office washrooms, kitchen, laundries and domestic bathrooms. AQUA BALM uses natural ingredients, soap free cleanser which restores normal pH of the skin with emollients that soothe and soften dry and itchy skin. AQUA BALM has the tick of approval from AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services) AQUA BALM is made from the highest of quality and highly biodegradable materials, using the highest grade of materials gives Enviro Chemicals two advantage points. We have a superior quality product and We have a safe product that is safe on the environment, safe for you and your loved ones especially if you or some one in your family have sensitive skin. AQUABALM is safe to be used in conjunction with a septic system. DIRECTIONS: Moisten hands with water. Apply a small portion onto hands, rub well and rinse with water. wipe dry.

Defoamer Anti Foam for Carpet 20L

Defoamer anti-foam for carpets and upholstery cleaning machines. Defoamer is a super concentrated new tech anti-foam. In the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, Defoamer is a product to reduce foam in the recovery tank of injection cleaning equipment.

Ultrafresh Lavender Disinfectant 20L

Ultra Fresh is designed to clean, disinfect and leave a pleasant residual fragrance. It will give you over 24 hours of odour control and it's ideal for disinfecting and deodorizing. Ultrafresh with a new antibacterial formula is designed to be used in general cleaning, cleaning equipment, telephones, toilets, showers, garbage storage areas and areas of high odours. Comes in a variety of fragrances.

Vira San 5L or 500ml – (TGA approved to kill COVID-19)

VIRA SAN kills COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in 60 seconds, making it not only one of the fastest acting disinfectants, but one of the most cost-effective (up to 10x faster than competitors). TGA approved product for COVID-19 claim (ARTG NO. 340431). Vira San is safe to use on almost all hard surfaces including but not limited to; glass, plastic and stainless steel. Easy to use, simply spray, wait and wipe. Complete sanitisation within 1 minute. Has been tested and approved according to a variety of disinfection methods – tested against germs, bacteria and viruses. Certification available upon request. Formulated and developed in line with guidelines published by the World Health Organisation (2020). Can be used in conjunction with the iFogX5E Fogging Machine.

Hard Floor Care

Formula XTREME Stripper – 20L

Pioneer Formula X-Treme Ultra High Performance Stripper with a concentrated powerful, non-ammoniated formula, cuts through heavy build up and hard to remove water based sealers in record time. Formula X Xtreme Has 5 X the concentration and coverage of conventional strippers.

Hard Floor Sealer Base Coat – 20L

Pioneer Hard Floor Sealer is a water based acrylic formula sealer for concrete, stone and similar hard floor surfaces.

Pioneer Neutral Cleaner – 20L

Pioneer Neutral Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, is a daily floor cleaner that removes dirt and soil without harming the shine. Neutral Cleaner is excellent for deep scrubbing and may be used on all washable surfaces.

Rebound Maintainer – 20L

Pioneer Rebound Cleaner and Enhancer is an effective one stop cleaner and enhancer. Rebound may be applied by automatic scrubber or damp mop. Cleans and enhances coating for a brilliant wet-look shine when burnished with UHS burnishers.


Blue Blend Pad

Daily buff pad removes scuffs, scratches and burnishes to a wet-look appearance especially on harder coatings. Very long lasting, even under extreme propane burnishing conditions.

Pioneer Daily Scrub Red Pad

Light cleaning red pad. Designed specifically for daily light wet cleaning. Used with solution of neutral cleaner or cleaner/maintainer, this pad removes top soiling and embedded dirt without removing the finish. Use also with our automatic scrubber maintainers. Sold as a single (1) pad; or order five (5) for a box of pads.

Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pad

Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pad is a 2-in-1 daily cleaning pad for low-speed scrubbers that gradually increases shine with repeated use. Cleans and shines in the same step, using only a low-speed scrubber Save costs and labour by reducing or eliminating the need to burnish Removes black marks 3 times faster than traditional cleaning pads Two-sided pad lasts longer than traditional cleaning pads Effective on most coated and uncoated hard floors including VCT, vinyl, rubber, marble, stone, terrazzo, granite, and concrete with only water or neutral cleaner

White Lightning Pad

White Lightning curing pad. Special polishing agents allow this pad to burnish brilliantly. Its fine denier construction is gentle on softer coatings and will not leave hazing or streaking in the coating. Works excellent as a curing pad on fresh coating. Achieves best results with 1100-2000 RPM burnishers.


The Best Machinery

440ST38 – Stripping Machine

440ST38" Stripper Machine is the ultimate stripping machine with counter rotating heads. * Partially enclosed body style enhances public friendly appearance. * Counter rotating brushes reduce strip splash * RokBakTM deck for easy brush/pad installation from standing position * Non marking tyres that will not react with stripper * Bail throttle with electric clutch ensures smooth start up. * Low profile deck (under 10cm) for edge-to-edge operation * Optional SafeSenseTM Emissions Monitoring System * Catalytic side mount muffler minimizes harmful emissions * Heavy gauge steel frame with durable splash skirt

Pioneer 24″ Battery Burnisher

The 300BU 24" Ultra High Speed Burnisher rapidly produces high levels of gloss on VCT, polished concrete and other hard floor surfaces. The 300BU features SteadyOne pad control technology that dramatically improves the performance and life span of burnishing pads while producing excellent single-pass results. The 300BU comes with a dust control filter system for clean, quiet and efficient burnishing. Powered by three 12-volt AH batteries, the 300BU burnishes over 26,000 square feet (2400 square meters) while virtually eliminating unwanted noise. Clean, safe and effective, the 300BU is a burnisher you can count on to maintain floors at any hour in any facility producing only 67 decibels. The burnishing head automatically adjusts to changing floor conditions and changing pad conditions, producing consistent results every time in just a single pass. SteadyOne uses advanced fluid drive technology to maintain constant pad pressure and produce more consistent results. Unlike other machines using spring mechanisms that vary when a metal coil compresses or extends, SteadyOne automatically adjusts the deck as the pad wears to apply the same pad pressure throughout the burnishing operation.

Pioneer 28″ UHS Propane Burnisher

12v battery start. RokBak deck for easy access pad installation from a standing position. Powder-coated, cast aluminium alloy deck for long, trouble-free life. Low profile design for easy maneuverability. Soft tred, addjustable wheels for smooth operation and easy pad pressure adustment. Adjustable, welded handle for improved maneuverability. Quick release cylinder strap to make removal and installation a snap. UL listed couplings, regulator, fuel lines and cylinder. CGA listed, CARB/EPA certified, CE approved.

Pioneer 40″ Twin Pad Burnisher

Features 40" burnishing width (+/- 102cm). 585 cc Ohv v-valve Kawasaki engine. 1 year engine warranty. Catalytic muffler to minimize emissions. 12 V battery start. CentriVac Dust Collection System with innovative skirt design. RokBak deck for easy access pad installation from a standing position. Low profile design for improved manoeuvrability. Electric clutch stops pad rotation when lever is released. Quick release strap for easy cylinder installation and removal. Urethane-tread wheels with precision bearings for ease of operation. Welded adjustable handle. CE Approved.


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